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Moduls Engineering has 25 years of experience in engineering. Experience, expertise and professional knowledge guarantee high quality for each customer.
Electrical networks


Utility systems


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At the start of every new project, we assess the entire scope of the project and analyse the required methods choosing the most appropriate ones to ensure sustainable results.

No part of a building can function without electricity these days, as it will not have any lighting or power supply for electrical equipment. 

Well thought through, functional power supply in a building can only be done based on a power supply design. All installation of any equipment is performed in accordance with the design, as precision and quality are crucial here.

Electrical networks – design, installation and maintenance

  • Power for interior and exterior lighting

  • Cabling

  • Lightning protection and grounding

  • Backup power supply systems

  • Low-voltage systems, including server rooms, fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems, security alarms and video surveillance

  • Automation systems, including building management systems BMS and EIB





Utility systems – design, installation and maintenance

Utility systems control microclimate in the building ensuring proper environment. For each project, utility system solutions are developed individually taking into account multiple important factors depending on the functionality and purpose of the premises.
  • Ventilation

  • Air conditioning

  • Aspiration

  • Heat supply and heating pipelines

  • Heating

  • Internal and external water supply pipelines

  • Sewerage






Distribution cabinets – design, manufacture, installation, maintenance

Moduls Engineering manufactures distribution cabinets up to 1600 A for all types of industrial, public or private buildings. Distribution cabinets play a crucial role in every power supply project, as the correct choice of cabinets will ensure stable power supply required for the needs of a site or a building in the long term.
  • Input cabinets

  • Metering cabinets

  • Power cabinets

  • Lighting cabinets

  • Management and power cabinets






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Construction project management – for public buildings, companies and individuals

Professional construction project management ensures a transparent and clear construction process for all parties involved in the project from its commencement all the way through to the commissioning.