Moduls Engineering from 1994 to today

Module Engineering is an experience engineering communications construction company that offers sustainable solutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Reliable partner in provision of construction and service of modern engineering communications.

To provide energy-efficient, innovative and sustainable engineering communication, construction and services promoting the use of up-to-date technologies and reducing the negative environmental impact and resource consumption.
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Moduls Engineering kopš 1994. gada līdz šodienai





1994. year

Company incorporation

2024. year

Moduls Engineering's 30 th year of operation
Module Engineering offers sustainable solutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.





Advanced technical solutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings through automation of heating and ventilation systems. Moduls Engineering specialises in power supply for interior and exterior lighting, cabling, lightning protection and grounding, automation systems, including building management systems

BMS and EIB, low voltage networks, including server rooms, fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems, security alarms and video surveillance. In addition, we design and build utility systems, such as interior and exterior water supply and sewerage piping and heating, ventilation and cooling systems.





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In 1994 Moduls Rīga started its business as lighting fixture and electrical material retailer.


In 1999 the company started its active work in construction industry offering design and installation of electrical networks in construction projects.


In 2001 Moduls Rīga joined Latvian Energy Construction Association.


In 2003 Moduls Rīga acquired Velve strengthening its position to take part in large-scale construction projects.


In 2009 the company joined the Strategic Partnership for Construction Development to be actively involved in the dialogue between the industry and the government.


In 2014 Vitālijs Hrapovs and Velga Stūre headed the management of Moduls Rīga strengthening the company’s engineering specialisation and expanding our distribution cabinet production business.


In 2016 Moduls Rīga became part of MN Holding group and joined Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


In 2017 Moduls Rīga changed its name to become Moduls Engineering. The new name will help us expand to new international markets and strengthen our competitive position in the local market.


In 2020, Moduls Engineering celebrates its 25th year in business.


2024 is Moduls Engineering‘s 30 th year of operation.




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In 2001, Moduls Engineering implemented an international quality management system. The company is operated in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 un ISO 14001:2015 management system certificates in the following certification areas:

  • Utility system design, installation and project management

  • Construction project management and construction work

It does not matter how complex or large your project is, Moduls Engineering can ensure invariably high standards confirmed by many industry awards and satisfied customers.





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In 2014, marking its 20th anniversary, Moduls Engineering implemented its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Moduls Engineering defines CSR as business practices based on long-term goals and constant improvement of its performance in terms of both business results and prosperity of society and country. All activities and working conditions in the company are governed by CSR.

CSR objective is to facilitate improvement of the quality of life of the society and its individual groups with sports and culture playing a significant role.

Moduls Engineering implements its CSR programme in sports, cultural and charity projects. 






  • Moduls Engineering amateur basketball team - the supporter of Olybet amateur basketball league since 2021.

  • Sponsor of MOGO HK ice-hockey club since its establishment in 2015

  • MX Moduls motocross team co-founder and general sponsor since 2010

  • Latvian Equestrian Federation - sponsor of Show Jumping World Cup stage, since 1994 sponsor of competitions organised by federation

  • Sponsor of Latvian modern pentathletes since 2007

  • Since 2013, sponsor of super-G athlete Agnese Āboltiņa’s training for 2014 Olympics in Sochi

  • Sponsor of the Latvian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation athletes brothers Dukurs since 2009

  • Strategic partner of VEF Rīga basketball team since 2007

  • Since 2014, sponsor of the Baltic Equestrian Team

  • This is tSponsor of Hockey School Rīga, a new generation of ice-hockey playersext for item10






  • Satori portal – philosophy and literature portal sponsor since 2012.

  • Contemporary Art Museum – sponsor of 2013 Mākslai Vajag Telpu Foundation project GLIEMEŽI and ‘What is so contemporary there?’ documentary by Andrejs Ēķis

  • Sponsor of Valdis Valters’s book ‘A Rebel with Ideals’ 2013 edition

  • Sponsor of Linda Leen’s 2009 Christmas album ‘Sounds of Winter’

  • Sponsor of 2012 movie ‘Long Live Children’ on children's safety directed by Juris Pakalniņš

  • Sponsor of 1994 anniversary edition of the ‘Latvian National Theatre’ book

  • Sponsor of cultural programme of Rīga Latvian Society ‘Light is Calling’

  • Sponsor of Linda Leen’s 2014 album ‘Classics’






  • A gift for the 85th anniversary of Dailes Theatre – lighting of the decorative cornice on the building facade

  • Sponsor of the new Rīga Dome Cathedral stained glass With Fervour for Free Latvia






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SIA Moduls Engineering protects all personal data available to the company in accordance with our CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY.

SIA Moduls Engineering, registration number LV40003239050 respects the right of its employees, partners, customers and contractors to privacy and lawful processing of their personal data. The company processes any personal data in strict compliance with the requirements of the European Parliament and Council Regulation No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (the General Data Processing Regulation) (hereinafter referred to as the GDPR), Personal Data Processing Law of 21 June 2018 and any current applicable statutory regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
 If you have any questions regarding MODULS ENGINEERING personal data processing practices, please write to our:
* Postal address: SIA MODULS ENGINEERING, Skanstes 50, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvia
* Or email:
SIA Moduls Engineering  will communicate with any data subject using only the contact data provided by the data subject in his/her application/query.

SIA Moduls Engineering performs video surveillance in accordance with the regulations regarding video surveillance of premises and territory No. ME-NOT-2023/1 developed on the basis of GDPR.