Moduls Engineering has 25 years of experience in engineering. Experience, expertise and professional knowledge guarantee high quality for each customer.

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Design, construction, warranty and post-warranty service of complex building power supply systems.


We offer the most suitable and energy efficient solutions, using modern solutions and the latest materials.

Power supply systems include all electrical installation works, such as the reconstruction of existing systems or the electrification of a new plant, which provide the operation of both internal and external networks.

Lighting solutions is another section of power supply, which provides general lighting, specialised light sources, internal and external lighting solutions, including facade lighting, area lighting, and other solutions required in specific areas.

  • electrical installations

  • interior and exterior lighting

  • facade lighting

  • cable lines

  • lightning protection and earthing

  • backup power systems

  • stage technologies





Design, construction, warranty and post-warranty service of low voltage systems.


We develop low voltage network projects and perform their full installation and service, using the latest solutions and materials.
Development of low voltage network solutions according to the customer’s needs, providing the integration of all systems. Before initiating the work, we inspect the object to evaluate the technical capabilities of the premises and the building, and offer the most optimal solution. When designing and installing low voltage networks, several important aspects are taken into account, which ensure trouble-free operation of networks, as well as provide the necessary access to the equipment.

  • server rooms

  • communication systems, incl., audio-visual systems, telecommunication (computer and phone) networks

  • fire detection and fire alarm systems

  • security systems, incl. security alarm, video surveillance, access control and intercom systems

  • building automation and management systems or BMS

  • pneumatic mail systems

  • systems for communication between medical staff and patients (incl., nurse call and counting systems of client flow)





Design, construction, warranty and post-warranty service of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


Development of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment solutions according to the use of buildings and premises.

We offer solutions for factories, public buildings, offices, public and private customers.

Depending on the specifics of each project, we choose the appropriate technological solution, which includes both the ventilation ducts and air handling units (AHU), as well as high-purity equipment solutions and air control systems for production facilities.

Depending on the specifics of each project, we choose the appropriate technological solution, which includes the ventilation ducts, as well as the air handling units (AHU), high-purity equipment solutions and air control systems for production facilities.

Experienced specialists of the company will provide an integrated approach in the development of heating, ventilation and conditioning systems. This allows monitoring of the complex construction and service of all systems.

  • supply/exhaust ventilation systems

  • smoke extraction ventilation systems

  • smoke protection overpressure ventilation systems

  • radiant floor heating systems

  • heating units

  • climate control systems





Design, construction and service of internal and external water supply and sewerage networks.


Development of various solutions for public buildings, factories, educational institutions and private clients according to the scope and complexity.

We perform reconstruction and renewal works of the existing networks, as well as develop the external and internal water supply and sewerage networks required for the new facilities.

When choosing the most optimal solution for each object, we request the necessary materials and technological solutions from various suppliers. This allows us to assemble and offer the customer the most advantageous solution.

  • cold, hot and circulating water supply systems

  • fire extinguishing systems

  • household sewer systems

  • rainwater drainage systems

  • production sewerage systems

  • climate control condensate drainage systems

  • installation of sanitary devices and equipment





We perform construction works of new buildings, as well as renovation and repair works of existing buildings.


We provide the implementation of construction projects for public buildings, private entrepreneurs and individuals.

Professional construction project management ensures a transparent and comprehensible construction process for all those involved in the project, from the day of initiating the project until the commissioning of the object.

  • site preparation

  • conservation of buildings or parts thereof

  • demolition of buildings or parts thereof

  • zero cycle construction of structures

  • construction of load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures

  • exterior finishing works of the building

  • interior finishing works of the building

  • site cleaning after the completion of construction works

  • territory improvement





A professional team of technicians and engineers provides maintenance and repair of the following engineering systems


Moduls Engineering provides maintenance and repair of all engineering systems in the building. We provide full services at industrial facilities, public buildings, offices, shopping centres, as well as hotels. To ensure the continuous operation of all engineering systems, our customers are provided access to 24/7 service.

  • ventilation system

  • cooling system

  • building power supply systems

  • building backup power supply system

  • heat supply system

  • video surveillance system

  • fire safety system

  • security system

  • building management system (BMS)





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The team of Moduls Engineering can implement the entire scope of indoor and outdoor utility system solutions at the site.


The company’s employees have the certificates, licences and qualifications necessary to perform specialised work, in accordance with the regulations effective in the country.
We use our own employees, and hire subcontractors to perform on-site work. The company has built a strong team of professionals whose experience and education are up to the task. Moduls Engineering employs more than 100 specialists in different fields, designing, building, maintaining and managing the construction of power supply and low-current lines, telecommunications systems, electric wiring systems, ventilation, heating, sewer and water supply lines.