Congratulations to our colleague Oto Stūris!

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On 7 March the awarding ceremony of “Latvian Construction Annual Award 2023” took place, and in the nomination “Construction Manager 2023” Oto Stūris, manager of engineering communications at “Moduls Engineering” received the award.

“Most definitely I have to say a big thanks to the management of company “Moduls Engineering” for appreciating every employee, who works hard every day. And one of the biggest thanks must also be given to all my colleagues at “Modules Engineering”, because not a single project could be implemented without you. This recognition is also your merit, because to react effectively in any situation, every time I learn something new from my colleagues, that I can apply practically,” Oto Stūris thanked for the recognition he received.

Competition “Latvian Construction Award” is organized by the association “Building Design and Construction Council” (BDCC, buvniekupadome.lv) and this year it was held for already the 10th time. The competition recognizes the best achievements in the field of architecture and construction throughout Latvia and also beyond the borders of the state, if the project is implemented by the citizens of Latvia. This year 145 applications were submitted to the competition in 10 nominations, covering architecture, restoration, territory improvement and civil engineering projects in various regions of Latvia.

“Moduls Engineering” is part of JSC “MN Holding” group of companies. 2024 is the company’s 30th year of operation. During these years, the company has grown from a luminaire trader to one of the leading construction companies in the segment of engineering-technical and electrical-technical networks.