A team of professional technicians and engineers provide full services at industrial facilities, public buildings, offices, shopping centres, as well as hotels.


We provide regular cleaning and maintenance of the mechanical ventilation systems of buildings.


Conducting electrical measurements:

  • Measurements of resistance of wiring insulation;
  • Testing of electric connectors using thermal camera;
  • Determination of load of input protection device;
  • Resistance measurements for grounding;
  • Loop phase-zero resistance measurements.


We provide maintenance and repair of the following equipment:

  • Heating boilers (gas, liquid fuel and solid fuel);
  • Heat pumps (air-water, ground, air-air);
  • Solar panels and invertors.


To ensure continuous operation of all engineering technical systems, our customers are provided with access to 24/7 service.

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    Invariably high standards of work

    In addition to our extensive experience in electrical and utility solutions, we offer our customers modern techniques and quick response to their queries.