Automated fire detection and alarm system


Jelgava Castle is a creation of a prominent Russian court architect, Italian Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in his early period and is one of few architectural monuments in Jelgava that has survived to present day. It is also the largest baroque castle in the Baltics.
In this project, Moduls Engineering installed a fire detection and alarm system, as well as a central public address system for emergencies. Moduls Engineering has always had a special interest in installation of utility services in historical buildings, as its complexity can only be compared to that of restoration work.


Automated fire detection and alarm system and automated voice fire alarm system installation in the main study building of Latvian University of Agriculture in Jelgava Castle


Lielā 2, Jelgava


Latvian University of Agriculture

General contractor:


Construction period:

November 2018 – September 2020

Work performed in the project: