Riga French Lyceum Renovation

In this project, SIA Moduls Engineering designed and installed the utility systems in the Rīga French Lyceum building ensuring modern environment appropriate for the studies and designed and installed decorative façade lighting. The project included the installation of a fire detection and alarm system, as well as a central public address system for emergencies. A modern security and access control systems and a video surveillance system were installed in the building. To enable the studying process, a telephone and computer network was installed in the building and the classes were equipped with interactive whiteboards. To ensure the environment appropriate for the studies in the renovated study building and pursuant to the Latvian and the EU standards, we installed modern utility systems, such as heating, water supply and sewerage, air conditioning, ventilation and power supply.


Riga French Lyceum Renovation


Krisjana Valdemara 48, Riga


Riga City Council Property Department

General contractor:


Construction period:

26.07.2018. – 31.08.2018

Work performed in the project:

The property consists of a 4079 sq. m plot of land