Surgery block at Riga Hospital No. 1, Building No. 17

Within the framework of this project, Moduls Engineering performed indoor renovation works for the establishment of a surgery block on the 1st floor of Riga Hospital No. 1, Building No. 17. Project solutions were implemented with high energy efficiency both at the level of equipment and technical solutions.

General construction works:

  • dismantling of current premises;
  • redesigning of layout;
  • decoration works in wards, non-sterile area, procedure rooms, intensive care rooms, nurse point area, toilet facilities, sanitary and technical premises, and operating room;
  • floor surface works;
  • window installation;
  • sliding and aluminium door assembly works;
  • installation of medical equipment and furniture;
  • assembly of medical consoles in wards;
  • building of nurse point reception counter.

Building of two operating rooms with modular clean room systems:

  • built ceiling fastening consoles consisting of a ceiling fastening plate with all the electricity, gas and low-current connections, and the necessary operation lamp control blocks;
  • built-in operating room control panel intended for the control of ventilation, including temperature and moisture control and regulation, gas, electricity and lighting control and management, as well as an alarm in the case of connection to the autonomous UPS power supply;
  • built medical gas pipeline system and gas control panels;
  • built ventilation, air recirculation and overpressure systems;
  • built laminar ceilings.

Design and building of engineering networks according to the requirements of the medicine institution:

  • built additional container type building for the placement of ventilation equipment next to the existing building;
  • moved high-voltage cables of “Sadales tīkls” by developing a separate project;
  • building of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • built cold water supply system, hot water and hot water circulation system;
  • built household sewerage networks;
  • building of indoor power supply networks and lighting;
  • building of heating, ventilation and air condition systems;
  • rebuilding of heating unit.

Design and installation of low-current networks:

  • installation of nurse calling system;
  • installation of fire detection alarm and signalling system;
  • installation of public address system;
  • installation of computer and telephone networks;
  • installation of security alarm and access control system;
  • renovated video surveillance system.

Site name:

Surgery block at Riga Hospital No. 1, Building No. 17


5 Bruņinieku Street, Riga


Riga City Council Property Department

Construction period:

August 2020 – July 2021