Time capsule burial ceremony at SWH Office Centre

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Time capsule burial ceremony at SWH Office Centre

On 15 June 2018, a time capsule was buried to mark the commencement of construction of SWH Office Centre connecting building at Skanstes 50A, 52 and 52A. After completion of the project, the available office space at the Centre will be significantly increased offering 40,000 m2 of new, modern offices.

At the ceremony, AS SWH Grupa Member of the Board Undalgs Mētra noted that after the reconstruction, the Office Centre would become even more accessible and comfortable. Thanks to well thought through construction and engineering solutions, the Centre will be able to offer high quality affordable offices thus enabling balancing quality requirements and budgets of the businesses.

In the SWH Office Centre reconstruction project, Moduls Engineering will provide engineering solutions, including exterior and interior utility networks, such as storm water and utility sewage systems and water pipeline, as well as design and reconstruction of power supply and low voltage networks. According to the reconstruction concept, office buildings at Skanstes 52 and 52A will be connected to the new building, which will house the main entrance to both existing buildings and the entire site. In addition, both buildings will grow to 6 storeys. Reconstruction of Skanstes 50A will include demolition of the existing sloped roofs and attic floor and construction of 2 new storeys, thus giving the building good 4 overground floors.

Currently, installation of micropiles and piles necessary to ensure the new layout functionality has been completed and demolition of the central part of the building is nearing its end. In addition to the reconstruction of the existing buildings, concrete work on the new building that will connect Skanstes 52 and 52A has commenced. All construction work is expected to be completed in spring/summer 2019.