Electrical hydrometric station construction


In the project, Moduls Engineering performs design and construction of electrical hydrometric stations in Latvia for the Latvian Environment, Geology and Metrology Centre. Construction of the hydrometric stations is necessary to ensure regular data reports on water level changes and measurements in overground water bodies and land reclamation systems. In the project, we perform general construction work for building the stations, including construction of the station buildings and cableway supports, new foundations in place of the old ones, manufacture and installation of prefabricated container-type buildings and landscaping the site.


To ensure proper work of the hydrometric stations, Moduls Engineering will install hydrometric equipment, including hoists, metering module, carriage and scale safe installation, as well as the necessary power supply network. Load bearing, pulling and power cables and galvanised steel cable supports will also be installed. The project will also include relocation of some distribution gear, supply and installation of security alarm equipment and installation of a video surveillance suitable for the sites. Working on the project, Moduls Engineering will ensure presence of a certified specialist for the installation of the hydrometric equipment and training of the LEGMC staff.


Electrical hydrometric station construction




State limited liability company Latvian Environment, Geology and Metrology Centre

General contractor:

SIA „Moduls Engineering”

Construction period: