During RTU Career Days 2020 Moduls Engineering showed youngsters internship and career opportunities

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At the annual event of the Rīga Technical University—RTU Career Days—for the second year in a row Moduls Engineering presented internship and job opportunities at the company to young people.

Thanks to its last year’s participation in the RTU Career Days, Moduls Engineering recruited a new employee. During the Career Days young people showed interest in internship opportunities and the company offered them internship as an electronic communication system installer, which would allow them to apply their knowledge acquired at school and, after successfully completing the internship, join the Moduls Engineering team.

Participation in the Career Days gives the company a chance to meet potential employees and see how they can apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life construction projects.

At the Moduls Engineering stand at the RTU Career Days students could participate in a survey and answer questions about the company’s current projects, experience and offered services. By talking to representatives of the company, young people could get a better idea about their career opportunities in the construction industry.

Moduls Engineering is a part of AS MN Holding group of companies and in 2020 it celebrates its 25th year in business. During that time, the company grew from a lighting fixture retailer into one of the leading utility and electrical solution companies in the Latvian construction industry.