Moduls Engineering turnover in 2018 was up 65%

Last year, Moduls Engineering turnover reached 16,310,178 EUR, which is 65% more than in 2017. Profit also grew by more than 30% to reach 1,298,838 EUR. In addition, the company paid taxes to the state budget for over 1.5 million EUR.

The company achieved these results by implementing a number of large-scale projects, including reconstruction of the academic building of the Centre for Engineering Science and Video Technologies of the Riga Technical University, reconstruction of the administrative building of Tukums Court, Renovation of the historical building of Rīga French Lycée and reconstruction of the Mežaparks Great Bandstand, where Moduls Engineering performed installation of automation systems, interior power networks, lighting, low voltage and security systems and heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

‘Last year’s results show that we have made right decisions both in respect of structural changes in the company and strengthening company’s specialisation in utility networks, i.e. ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, power supply and low voltage systems,’ said Jevgēņijs Savčuks, Moduls Engineering Member of the Board.

In its business, Moduls Engineering focuses on design, installation and maintenance of electrical and utility systems. In 2019, the company will continue its advancement in the chosen segments participating in both private and public tenders.

Moduls Engineering is a part of AS MN Holding group of companies, and 2019 is its 25th year in business. In that time the company has grown from a lighting fixture retailer into one of the leading companies in the utility and electrical network sector of the construction industry.