Yamaha invites MX Moduls athlete Mairis Pumpurs to join its team

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MJC Yamaha EMX 125 has chosen 16-year-old Mairis Pumpurs from MX Moduls Motocross Club as its new rider.

‘This world-class achievement is a result of meaningful and persistent work of the young athlete. Moduls Engineering has been supporting MX Moduls since its first days because we believe that Latvian young athletes should be given an opportunity to compete at a global level. To become a rider in one of the world famous teams means the highest opinion and an opportunity for the athlete to build his professional career. We wish Mairis new victories and, of course, to keep his fighting spirit,’ said Vitālijs Hrapovs, Moduls Engineering Technical Director.

Yamaha Europe has announced names of young motocross riders accepted on various official Yamaha teams. Now MX Moduls are in the process of talks to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement and sign an agreement in the coming weeks. MX Moduls objective is to develop competitiveness of its athletes to enable them fighting for victories in competitions at European and global level. The invitation to join an official team is a testimony to the successful work of MX Moduls.