Moduls Engineering supports career development campaign Learn Construction for fourth year running.

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Today, at the press-conference at Rīga Classical Gymnasium, campaign organisers presented informative booklets and 2019 activities of the campaign. This the fourth year of the campaign to provide schoolchildren and students with additional information on benefits and opportunities of a career in the construction industry.

“The issue of qualified staff in the construction industry gets higher priority every year, that is why Moduls Engineering supports career development campaign Learn Construction for fourth year in a row. I hope that the number of young people choosing construction for their future careers will grow,” said Jevgeņijs Savčuks, Moduls Engineering Member of the Board.

In the campaign, Moduls Engineering specialists will tell young people about the company’s specialisation areas, i.e. design and installation of electrical networks and utility solutions for construction projects. Inese Kanaška, Moduls Engineering water and sewerage design engineer who has worked here for more than 15 years and designed utility and fire extinguishing water systems, utility and stormwater sewerage, as well as air conditioning drains in various projects of the company. Young people will be able to read about her experience in the informative booklet prepared for the campaign. 

“An engineer should follow the news of the industry. Technologies that were used 5 years ago are in the past now. There are new technologies on the market and an engineer should know them. We should participate in the quality improvement training courses organised for designers,” explained Inese Kanaška, Moduls Engineering water and sewerage design engineer.

The campaign will include meetings with construction industry specialists at Latvian schools and universities where they can personally tell youngsters about the special nature of the construction industry. Construction specialists will visit students of construction programmes at the universities to share their practical experience with the students in addition to their theoretical studies. Within the campaign, schoolchildren and students will visit ongoing project sites and will have an opportunity to observe construction process and ask questions.

The purpose of the campaign is to give an idea about good practice in the construction industry, promote professional education establishments, opportunities of studying at universities (RTU and LAU) and colleges (Rīga Construction College) and inspire youngsters for a career in construction.