A22 Hotel is one of Moduls Engineering’s most technologically interesting projects

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The latest April issue of DEKO magazine offers a detailed overview of the A22 Hotel project, which has currently been one of the most interesting projects of Moduls Engineering in terms of technologies used. The site of the project was relatively small, but offered a few interesting and historically significant facts.

Until 1940, it housed the US embassy and consulate, which is the reason why the square next to it is called Washington Square (‘Vašingtonas laukums’), and for 5 days in 1939, it was the home of 22-year-old John F. Kennedy, who later, in 1961, became the US president.

No architecturally or historically significant elements that would have to be kept in mind during the reconstruction had been preserved in the building, which is why the project encompassed the entire house, also including the construction of a new extension to it. In terms of floor area, this project was not too big overall; however, it was the exclusive and innovative solutions that made it stand out.

One of the purposes of the hotel’s concept is to create a personalised experience for every client, and technological solutions play a special role in achieving this. The hotel offers its guests a unique, elaborately designed space with innovative tech solutions.
The Moduls Engineering specialist team installed power supply and telecommunications systems there, including:

  • facade lighting
  • internal power wiring
  • telecommunications lines
  • video surveillance systems
  • security access control system
  • fire detection and alarm system
  • central announcement system.

Moduls Engineering is an experienced engineering and utility company that designs, builds and maintains power supply and weak current systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water supply and sewerage systems, and engages in the construction of buildings.
Moduls Engineering is a part of the AS MN Holding group of companies; 2021 is the company’s 27th year in business, as it has grown from a lighting solution retailer to one of the leaders in the utility and power engineering systems segment of the construction industry.