Moduls Engineering signs contract on renovation of the historical Kuldīga Children and Youth Centre building

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Today, the construction work contract on renovation of the historical Kuldīga Children and Youth Centre building and territory improvement works was signed in Kuldīga.

The contract was signed by Mr Artis Roberts, Deputy Chairman of Kuldīga Municipality Council, and Mr Kristaps Grīniņš, Board Member of the LLC (SIA) Moduls Engineering. Joining the event were also Ms Inta Brasle, Acting Director of the Kuldīga Children and Youth Centre, and Ms Dace Šēle, Head of the Kuldīga Development Agency.

“Children are our future, and this is a great investment in our future. Besides, this is a confirmation to the saying that dreams come true”, said Artis Roberts upon signing the contract.
In turn, Mr Kristaps Grīniņš, Board Member of the LLC (SIA) Moduls Engineering said: “Kuldīga, with its cultural historical centre, picturesque town and landscapes, as well as the small town charm, unequivocally ranks in the top of the most beautiful towns of Latvia. The Children and Youth Centre is a part of the historical development of Kuldīga, and its renovation will be significant and interesting also for us – performers of the construction works, since we will be renovating a part of the history of Kuldīga. As a construction contractor, we have considerable experience in the renovation of historic buildings with varying degrees of complexity, integrating technological solutions that meet modern requirements, while preserving the cultural and historical value of the buildings. The construction process of such historical and culturally significant structures may entail various unforeseen situations and complications. However, I am sure that the Moduls Engineering team, consisting of highly qualified professionals, will be able to offer the best and most efficient solution in every situation, ensuring successful completion of the project.”

The oldest part of the building to be renovated was built back in the 1960s and 70s, and is located in the historical building area of Kuldīga called “Ventspils, Smilšu, Liepājas and the adjacent streets”, in the protection area of the archaeological monument “Kuldīga Old Town” and the archaeological monument “Residential House”. Therefore, the necessary changes in the building were designed retaining the historical planning of the building, renovating the interior decoration and values of construction carpentry as much as possible. For example, the luxurious stairs in the central hall will be retained by planning their restoration.

Re-planning of indoor premises is dealt with within the project in a way to enable the Children and Youth Centre to use the building in full and according to the intended activities. Various training facilities with suitable furniture, a fully equipped ceramics room with kiln, large hall with seats, equipped small actors’ room, dance room, cooperation centre, recording studio, textile workshop, pop-group room, staff facilities, as well as the necessary technical facilities corresponding to contemporary requirements have been planned in the design. In order to provide interest-related education service corresponding to contemporary requirements, the facilities will have suitable equipment and ergonomic furniture. Necessary accessibility of the environmental solutions will also be provided in the building, including by replacing the backyard facade outhouse with a staircase with elevator.

The external appearance of the building will also be renovated within the framework of the project, while retaining the historical composition, detailing, finish and painting of facades. Restoration of doors and windows is planned, as well as replacement of roofing including heat insulation and waterproofing, retaining the authentic tile roofing to the maximum extent possible. Improvement of the territory according to the needs of the centre is also planned, including fencing of the territory and an equipped outdoor classroom area. Pedestrian paths to the backyard are planned both from 1905. gada street and Smilšu street. Three parking spots, including one for persons with disabilities, as well as 20 bicycle parking spots will be arranged in the backyard. The existing trees will be retained in the territory, and additional greening and improvement of the vacant territory is also foreseen by arranging benches and beds of wintergreens.

Construction design “School (Children and Youth Centre) Rebuilding at 1905.gada iela 10, Kuldīga” was developed by the LLC (SIA) OZOLA & BULA, arhitektu birojs at the order of Kuldīga Municipality local government, and construction works will be performed by the LLC (SIA) Moduls Engineering. The foreseeable period of construction works is one year from the moment of compliance with the conditions set for commencement of construction.

Moduls Engineering is a part of the JSC (AS) MN Holding group of companies, and 2021 is the company’s 27th year of operation. Over those years, the company has grown from a trader of light elements to one of the leading construction companies in engineering and electrotechnical networks segment.